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+41 21 808 50 35

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aux bonnes automobiles sa
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Aux Bonnes Automobiles SA

Founded January 1st, 2004 by Mathieu Giger, Aux bonnes Automobiles SA took over and developed the activities of Garage Chapuis SA, a well-known presence in Aubonne since the beginning of the 20th century.

Now a team of 8 qualified employees, the professionalism and pleasant manner reserved for clients are without a doubt important factors in the rapid development of the business.

Official dealer for Fiat, Fiat Professional, and Mitsubishi, as well as Volvo specialists, Aux bonnes Automobiles SA is constantly evolving in accordance with the high standards demanded of the respective manufacturers it represents, in order to provide services of the highest quality.

In training and educating apprentices on a regular basis, the Garage ensures the development of future generations of qualified professionals in the automobile industry in order to provide continuity of knowledge and skills for years to come.

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Repair Shop

Our well equipped shop, enables us to efficiently maintain and repair your vehicle. The highly trained and qualified personnel ensure a proficient and skilled service of the highest quality.

Quick Fixes

At Aux bonnes Automobiles SA, your minor technical problems do not wait! Whether it is a burnt out headlight or a flat tyre, please stop by and we will do the necessary quickly and without an appointment.

Petrol Station

Petrol is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Genuine Spare Parts

We can quickly supply you with genuine spare parts for your vehicle thanks to our daily express day and night services.


Does your business own a fleet of vehicles? Like many businesses in the surrounding area, you can entrust its maintenance and repair to Aux bonnes Automobiles SA. We will ensure a quick, high quality service at competitive rates. Where necessary, a replacement vehicle will be provided.

Periodic Safety Assessments (MOT)

We will prepare and present your vehicle at the required periodic safety assessments with the “Service des Automobiles”. In addition, we will see to the approval of any technical modifications to your vehicle (couplings, suspension, rims, etc.).

During opening hours, we will ensure roadside assistance within a 20km radius.

Outside of these hours please call:

Fiat assistance : ++41(0)22 939 22 20 | Mitsubishi assistance : ++41(0)44 283 35 84 | Volvo assistance : 0844 30 01 00

021 808 50 35


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